Basic Safety and Health Policy

Management Philosophy 
To contribute to the realization of a prosperous society by delivering beauty and excitement to the
World’s people through leading-edge technology

Basic Policy
The Japan Display Inc. Group will, in all business activities, operate to ensure a safe and pleasant workplace environment through efforts to prioritize the assurance of safety and health, so as to continue contributing to the realization of a secure and comfortable society.

1.  Complying with the laws and regulations related to safety and health, and other requirements that we have determined that we will accept voluntarily, and in addition, working on continuous improvements in our management by adopting the PDCA cycle in compliance with OHSAS18001 and establishing the necessary self-control standards.

2.  Working to eliminate industrial accidents and occupational diseases, to thoroughly carry out the ex-ante evaluation of the risks of hazards and the harmful effects that are the triggers for such accidents and diseases, and to maintain and promote for each employee a healthy mind and body, which enables all employees to display their competence.

3.  Providing to all employees the education and training required to ensure safety and health, and having all employees share such information, and in addition, providing the necessary support for safety and health activities in affiliated companies concerning our business activities. 

April 10, 2018 
Hideki Matsuoka
Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc.

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